Syntactic Theory: a formal introduction,
Second Edition
Instructor's Manual

Emily M. Bender, Ivan A. Sag, Thomas Wasow

(c) 2003 CSLI Publications


Visual displays (slides) will be available to accompany lectures on the material in all chapters of the textbook. Eventually, we will post these here in .pdf, powerpoint and keynote formats.

These slides were developed in the context of a course that meets for 1 hour, 3 times a week. As a consequence, many chapters are split over two lectures.
Ch 1 Ch1.pdf    
Ch 2 Ch2a.pdf Ch2b.pdf    
Ch 3 Ch3a.pdf Ch3b.pdf    
Ch 4 Ch4a.pdf Ch4b.pdf    
Ch 5 Ch5a.pdf Ch5b.pdf    
Ch 6 Ch6a.pdf Ch6b.pdf    
Ch 7 Ch7.pdf    
Ch 8 Ch8a.pdf Ch8b.pdf    
Ch 9 Ch9.pdf    
Ch 10 Ch10.pdf    
Ch 11 Ch11.pdf    
Ch 12 Ch12a.pdf Ch12b.pdf    
Ch 13 Ch13a.pdf Ch13b.pdf    
Ch 14 Ch14a.pdf Ch14b.pdf    
Ch 15 Ch15.pdf    
Ch 16 Ch16.pdf    

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Last modified: February 4, 2004