Instructor's Manual for
Syntactic Theory: A Formal Introduction

by Emily M. Bender, Ivan A. Sag, and Thomas Wasow

Revised version of October 12, 1999

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Some Simple Theories of Grammar

Chapter 3: Analyzing Features of Grammatical Categories

Chapter 4: Complex Feature Values

Chapter 5: Semantics

Chapter 6: How the Grammar Works

Chapter 7: Binding Theory

Chapter 8: The Structure of the Lexicon

Chapter 9: Realistic Grammar

Chapter 10: The Passive Construction

Chapter 11: Nominal Types: Dummies and Idioms

Chapter 12: Infinitival Complements

Chapter 13: Auxiliary Verbs

Chapter 14: Variation in the English Auxiliary System

Chapter 15: Long-distance Dependencies

This manual is still under construction. Notes and Slides for Chapter 16 will be available soon.

Chapter 16: From Rule to Sign

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