Stanford HPSG Project
Selected Recent Papers

  • Baldwin, Timothy, John Beavers, Leonoor van der Beek, Francis Bond, Dan Flickinger and Ivan A. Sag. 2006. In Search of a Systematic Treatment of Determinerless PPs. To appear in Patrick Saint-Dizier (ed.) Computational Linguistics Dimensions of Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions. Springer Verlag. (.pdf file)
  • Baldwin, Timothy, John Beavers, Emily M. Bender, Dan Flickinger, Ara Kim, Stephan Oepen. To appear. Beauty and the Beast: What running a broad-coverage precision grammar over the BNC taught us about the grammar - and the corpus. In Stephan Kaspar (ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Linguistic Evidence: Empirical, Theoretical, and Computational Persepctives. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Ball, Douglas. In press. Phrasal Noun Incorporation in Tongan. Proceedings of AFLA XII. UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics.
  • Ball, Douglas. 2005. Tongan Noun Incorporation: Lexical Sharing or Argument Inheritance? In S. Mueller (ed.) Proceedings of HPSG-05. Stanford: CSLI Publications. (available at
  • Beavers, John. 2004. Type-inheritance Combinatory Categorial Grammar. In Proceedings of COLING 2004, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Beavers, John. 2005. Towards a semantic analysis of argument/oblique alternations in HPSG. In Proceedings of the 2005 HPSG Conference, Stefan Mueller (ed.). Stanford: CSLI Publications. (available at
  • Beavers, John and Emily Bender. 2004. `Gapless Instrumental Relative Clauses in English'. Paper presented at the Linguistic Society of America 78th Annual Meeting, Boston.
  • Beavers, John, and Ivan A. Sag. 2004. Coordinate Ellipsis and Apparent Non-Constituent Coordination. Proceedings of the HPSG04 Conference, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Stefan Mueller (Editor). CSLI Publications, (available at
  • Bender, Emily M., Dan Flickinger, Jeff Good and Ivan A. Sag. 2004. Montage: Leveraging Advances in Grammar Engineering, Linguistic Ontologies, and Mark-up for the Documentation of Underdescribed Languages. Proceedings of the Workshop on First Steps for Language Documentation of Minority Languages: Computational Linguistic Tools for Morphology, Lexicon and Corpus Compilation, LREC 2004, Lisbon, Portugal. (.pdf file)
  • Bender, Emily M. and Andreas Kathol. To appear. Constructional Effects of Just Because ... Doesn't Mean .... BLS 27. (pdf file.)
  • Copestake, Ann, Dan Flickinger, Carl Pollard, and Ivan A. Sag. 2006. Minimal Recursion Semantics: an Introduction. Research on Language and Computation. (.pdf file).
  • Hofmeister, Philip. 2005. Ellipis, Domains, and the Syntax of Either...Or. Ms. Stanford University. (.pdf file)
  • Kim, Jong-Bok, and Ivan A. Sag. to appear. Variations in English Object Extraposition. To appear in Proceedings of the 41st Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society. (.pdf file)
  • Kim, Jong-Bok, and Peter Sells. 2005a. Case Assignment in the Clause on Adjuncts. To appear in S. Kuno et al. (eds.) Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics 11. Dept. of Linguistics, Harvard University.
  • Kim, Jong-Bok, and Peter Sells. 2005b. Copy Constructions and their Interaction with the Copula in Korean. To appear in S. Mueller (ed.) Proceedings of HPSG-05. Stanford: CSLI Publications.
  • Kim, Jong-Bok, Jaehyung Yang, and Peter Sells. 2005. Deep Processing of Honorification Phenomena in a Typed Feature Structure Grammar. To be presented at the Second International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP-05), Oct 11-15, 2005, at Jeju, Korea.
  • Lev, Iddo. 2005a Gradable Comparatives: Syntax and Syntax-Semantics Interface. Paper for Ling221B, Stanford University, 2005. Available at:
  • Iddo Lev, "Comparative Constructions", an addendum to the Ling221B paper, Stanford University, 2005. Available at:
  • Levinson, Dmitry. 2005. Issues of case assignment in Russian. Unpublished manuscript, Stanford.
  • Sag, Ivan A. To appear. Remarks on Locality. In an Ohio State Working Papers in Linguistics volume edited by Detmar Meurers and Robert D. Levine. (.pdf file)
  • Sag, Ivan A. Ms. Rules and Exceptions in the English Auxiliary System'. Revised version to appear in Journal of Linguistics (partial revised draft available as a .pdf file)
  • Sag, Ivan A. 2005. Adverb Extraction and Coordination: A Reply to Levine. Proceedings of the HPSG05 Conference, University of Lisbon, Stefan Mueller (Editor). CSLI Publications, Pp. 322--342. (available at
  • Zhao, Yuan. 2005. Split DP Topicalization in Mandarin. Unpublished paper, Stanford.
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